Proclean for Motorcycles

A full range of specifically developed products for your motorcycle that will enable you not only to clean but also maintain your motocycle, keeping your machinery in prime condition.

As used by top race teams to keep their machines in the best condition for their sponsors.

Our range is fully bio-degradable to help the environment.

Bottle of Pro-Clean


Pro Clean is a unique blend of fully biodegradable chemicals designed to clean the exterior of your Motorhome. The intelligent chemical formulation releases the correct level of active cleaning agents to ensure perfect results every time whether removing stubborn bugs and flies or simply performing a routine cleaning.

Pro Clean is safe on all surfaces making it the cleanest and greenest.

Bottle of Pro-tection


Pro-tection is completely unique & revolutionary water based corrosion inhibitor, which leaves a microfilm coating designed to protect against road salt, rust and general corrosion attacks from the elements.

Pro-tection can be sprayed safely over any surface. Once dry it leaves a molecular film which protects the treated surface. Pro-tection has no ill effect on any surface and can be liberally sprayed on to any surface or components which require protection from the elements, whether during regular use or winter storage.

Bottle of De Greaser

De Greaser

De Greaser is a fast acting quick cleaner / degreaser specially designed for the fast and easy removal of grease and oil deposits. De Greaser will also remove oil deposits or tar from metal or GRP surfaces.

De Greaser leaves no residue and dries instantly.

Bottle of Super Lube

Super Lube

Super Lube superior grade maintenance spray is a heavy duty multi purpose spray designed to displace and repel moisture from moving parts and electrical apperatus, helps protect against rust and corrosion, lubricates and releases seized metal components.

Super Lube leaves a light protective lubricant film on surfaces ensuring prolonged anti moisture protection.

Bottle of Aqua Repel

Aqua Repel

Aqua Repel is a water based fluid that when applied to porous surfaces creates a molecular seal which locks molecules together as the water evaporates leaving a long lasting waterproof seal on canvas covers, awnings and even rejuvenates water resistant storm clothing.

Simply spray a fine mist over the surface making sure that seams are adequately coated, allow the material to dry before exposure to the elements. The treated surface will then be waterproof and breathable ensuring the long life of the treated fabric.

Bottle of Super Lube

Tyre Lube

Tyre Lube is specifically designed to make easy work of fitting road and off road tyres. It is suitable for every type of tyre and rim and is completely safe on all types of alloys and rubber leaving no residue or unsightly staining.

Bottle of Mousse Lube

Mousse Lube

Keeps mousse supple and is suitable for all types of mousse and tyre.

Bottle of Hand Scrub

Hand Scrub

Hand Scrub is a superior hand cleaning gel containing polymer beads, sanitizers and moisturizers to ensure clean and protected hands.

Bottle of Super Polish

Super Polish

Super Polish is a High tech, silicon free polish designed to put a high gloss finish on all shiny bits. Suitable for all types of plastics, Grp and precious metals.

Bottle of Kit Wash

Kit Wash

Kit Wash is a revolution in race kit cleaning. Pour two shots of kit wash into the washing machine drum in replacement of your regular detergent, directly onto your race kit, for great results.

Bottle of Pipe Gel

Pipe Gel

Pipe Gel removes rust and corrosion quickly and easily from 2stroke pipes.

Bottle of Grip Lock

Grip Lock

Non adhesive grip fitting spray, makes short work of attaching grips to handle bars.

Bottle of Tyre Paste

Tyre Paste

Tyre Paste is specifically designed to make easy work of fitting tyres. It is suitable for every type of tyre and rim and is completely safe on all types of alloys and rubbers. Designed for heavy duty fitting, this efficiently applied product leaves very little waste improving economy and time.

Bottle of Pro-Care


Pro-Care is a blend of lubricants and low evaporation penetrating oils designed to displace water from the hidden places where rust and corrosion may occur between washes and after poor weather conditions. Pro-Care can be sprayed all over the bike after cleaning and will leave a fine film of lubricants protecting until the next wash or during storage.

Bottle of Pro-Filter


Pro-Filter has been developed for the off road market as a superb cleaning agent for any machine that uses a foam filter containing tacky filter oil. Pro-Filter removes the dirt and tacky oil from the foam filter. Then wash thoroughly in a Pro-Clean and water solution. The filter must then be fully dried before re-use.